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Group Classes

Group classes are designed to teach students in details about an Olympic Sport of Fencing and provide all necessary tools to succeed both on competitive (high school, collegiate, local, national and international) and recreational levels.

Group class activities include:

  • Warm up. Stretching specifically designed for fencers

  • Footwork and footwork drills

  • Fencing games

  • Tactic games applicable to fencing

  • Blade work drills

  • Strategical bouting under the coach supervision

  • Fencing ethics, rules and tactics

  • Conditioning

Private Lessons

Private lessons are one of the most important components in fencing training. Private lessons are designed to provide, focused one-on-one instruction and guidance based on individual approach for each student. Each lesson is 20 minutes.

The goals of the lessons are:

  • Teach and develop technique

  • Tactical application of technique during the fencing bout

  • To develop sense of fencing distance and timing

  • Develop discipline and attention

  • Develop reaction and physical strength

  • Create mutual understanding between student and the coach for efficient interaction during  tournaments

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