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Fees and Scheduling

* All fencers must obtain at least non-competitive membership with USA Fencing prior to attending private lessons or classes. Please follow the link below:
* Please note that payments are due by the 5 Th of each month. We now accept
payments online:
*Please be aware there is a 12 hour cancellation notice for private lessons.
No shows will be charged full amount
*Packages are valid per that calendar month with NO carrying over of
classes and lessons
* Families with more than one fencer enrolled will receive a %15 discount for
the second person


*Coaching Fees for Tournaments:
Local events (up to 30 miles from the club) $40 per fencer
Local events (more than 30 miles from club) $50 per fencer
National events (100+ miles) coaching expenses divided equally among the
participating athletes
* In order to participate in tournaments fencers are required to take at least
one private and 2 classes per week (package # 2)
* All arena fencers are required to wear Arena patches attached and
prominently displayed at local and National tournaments
* When receiving awards and medals fencers are required to wear Arena
sweats or their fencing jacket with Arena patch attached and prominently

* Arena coaches will not coach 2 Arena fencers competing against one
another at competitions.


* Arena Fencing Academy will provide full fencing gear for beginners during
the first 2 months of participation. Rental fees of $15 per practice will be
applied afterwards.

Rules of Conduct

* Arena has zero tolerance for bullying, inappropriate language, harassment and disrespect towards peers and coaches.
* Work hard each practice! No pain no gain!
* All fencers must be on time for practice

* Prior to private lessons, fencer must arrive at least 15 minutes early to warm up, stretch and hit the target!

* Please note if you are late for a private lesson, your lesson will conclude at its original end time.

* During practice, please store fencing bags against the wall
* Bring water bottle and towel to practice (water is also sold in the office)
* All fencers must wear full uniform including: knickers, jacket underarm protector, gloves and mask.

* All fencers should wash their fencing gear regularly
* A mask must always be worn during target practice
* When carrying a weapon, make sure your point is always down.

* If you break a club weapon or any other equipment you must replace it.
* Fencers are responsible for proper working order of their equipment during practice and must have spare body cords and weapons with them.
* Parents are not allowed to give any fencing related advice or coaching during practice.

Policies: List
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